The Undercroft Clinic - Gaynor A. Wooldridge PGCert, BSc (Hons), MChS, BMAS
The Swift Microwave

Well for all of you lovely, patient patients, it's arrived. Some of you will know what  this new technology is, and many of you won't. If you have a verrucae, or know someone who does, have a look at some of the information at or the information below.

    The results are pretty amazing at 80% clearance - better than the needling (about 70%) and no anaesthetic needed. Great for all of you needle-phobes out there! The Swift Microwave does cause some discomfort, as the probe gets very hot. But it lasts only a couple of seconds and the heat stops. No bleeding and no wound to dress. Verrucae may need between 1-3 treatments. We charge per treatment, unlike many other clinics who charge an 'upfront' fee for 3 treatments whether they are needed or not, and currently, per treatment, our fees are £95.

    Please feel free to contact the clinic if you would like any further information, or to book an appointment, 01304 820006 or
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